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ONE WORLD BUTTONS One_world_1 One_world_2
  • Fairly traded and eco-friendly since 1995.
  • Dedicated to partnering time-honored artisan skills with contemporary design for the benefit of artisan and the creative communities.
  • We work directly with artisan groups and producers, not through agents or brokers.
    One World Button Supply Co. works hand in hand with NGO micro-enterprise development programs, cooperatives and artisan families to promote environmental awareness, health and safety measures and fair-trade values.

    Our pledge is to continue to bring transparency to our efforts and to provide our customers the highest quality natural products.
FAIRLY TRADED Fairly_traded_1 Fairly_traded_2
  • Producers are vetted by local and/or international NGOs for adherence to fair-trade principles.
  • Our producers provide training, services and employment to land mine disabled, sex trafficking victims, displaced war refugees and other marginalized populations from Armenia to Zimbabwe.
  • Producer groups actively address safety and environmental issues within their own businesses and communities.
  • Member Ethical Fashion Network
SHEILA MEYER Sheila_1 Sheila_2
  • Dad a traveling apparel rep, she learned early travel and work are synonymous.
  • A Lefty, she taught herself to knit, went on to manage NYC yarn shops.
  • A love of fiber, color and knitting led to 7th Ave sweater design career and glamorous travel to Paris, Milan, Tokyo and 40+ trips to Hong Kong.
  • Sharing her design skills, spent 10 years consulting with international NGOs, traveling from Andean villages to Bosnian/Serb refugee camps.
  • Combining her apparel background with her love of handcrafts, she founded One World Button Supply Co. in 1995.
    What she's learned from travel, knitting and buttons:
    Knitting is an international language
    Perseverance pays
    We are all the same when we laugh.